We always advise the installation of the Coldores® shaft seal, because the cost of total ownership is much lower than for a standard shaft seal. Moreover, you buy yourself piece of mind - priceless! 

It’s extremely beneficial to use a Coldores® shaft seal if your refrigeration system is based on VSD and/or it deals with

  • frequent changes in temperature
  • frequent changes in pressure (wider range)
  • frequent changes in drive speed
  • a wide range of refrigerants and oils
  • changes in working conditions

Why does Coldores use diamond technology?

For years, diamonds have been recognized as highly beneficial for use in pump and shaft seals because of their excellent properties for thermal management. However, there was no product, until now, that would address the specific needs of the refrigeration compressor industry.

The industrial refrigeration compressor industry is the most complex case because many technologies are joining forces; therefore producing problem-free shaft seals is an extremely difficult task.

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