Coldores® key benefits:

  • Dry running capability-  reduced sliding face friction decreases friction-generated heat and thus increases dry running safety
  • Dramatically increased mean-time-to-repair
  • Reduced maintenance costs- increased service life of secondary sealing elements, thanks to the overall reduction in operating temperature
  • Easy shaft seal assembly- Coldores® is a cartridge seal, making exchanging it easy and problem-free. See the shaft seal assembly instructions.
  • Improved seal reliability and safety- extension of the seal lifetime
  • Economical- click here to see the comparison chart


Coldores® is the only shaft seal for refrigeration compressors that is optimized to survive dry running.

Over the last 4 years, RM Support has analyzed 110 broken shaft seals from a diverse range of compressors and the result of this research shows that 55% of mechanical seal failures are attributed to operational failures associated with poor lubrication such as dry running.

Coldores® has been specifically designed to allow sporadic dry running. While absolute run times depend on the given conditions, the data shows that Coldores® has a lifetime 20 times longer than a standard shaft seal. 

Your operation costs can be significantly lowered by using  Coldores®, which survives dry running conditions and prevents overheating and wear.

Coldores® Key Features:

- Low friction, resulting in low heat generation even when lubrication is insufficient and the seals are running dry

- Ultra-high thermal conductivity

- Hardness, therefore superior wear resistance and virtually no wear

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