The Coldores HR replacement shaft seals are available for the compressor MyCom V200.




ColdoresĀ® is a brand name for sealing materials and mechanical shaft seals by RM Support and the sister company IM Supply. RM Support is a well-known company active in the field of industrial refrigeration, production, overhaul and technical consulting. IM Supply is more focused and specialized in the field of materials supply and solutions for technical maintenance and support.


As of now, the Coldores HR replacement shaft seals are available for the MyCom compressors. The shaft seal kit 7775348390948 is an improved replacement for MyCom V200(OEM number: CS10009-200).


Coldores HR shaft seals are Heat Reducing in operation. Less generated heat will avoid the shaft seal from dry running and blistering damage.

Coldores shaft seals are manufactured in Europe and are required to meet high quality standards for refrigeration compressors and rotating equipment.