Coldores® is the only shaft seal for refrigeration compressors that is optimized to survive severe dry running.
Dry running, or insufficient lubrication, leads to the destruction of mechanical seals. 

Dry running involves a shaft seal that is operating without lubrication at the contact point between the seal and the shaft. Dry running contributes to the buildup of friction and leads to overheating, which accelerates seal failure.

Why does dry-running occur?

Dry running takes place because the lubrication oil contains a higher proportion of refrigerant (liquid phase). The heat developed by friction between the mobile and stationary parts of the shaft seal forces the refrigerant to convert to gas.

The pressure of the refrigerant will most likely rise above the lubrication pressure and force out the lubrication film. Dry running then takes place. After just a few minutes of dry running, a standard shaft seal experiences damaged. Unlike a standard shaft seal, however, a Coldores® shaft seal can survive 100 minutes of dry running.

Take a look at the test results of dry running:

Standard shaft seal,
after 7 minutes of dry running
Coldores® after
100 minutes: completely functional!

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