Coldores® is a cartridge shaft seal, making installation on a standard refrigeration compressor problem-free. 

A typical mechanical seal assembly includes several parts: a rotary part locked on the rotating shaft, a stationary part locked on the housing and several gaskets. In order to successfully exchange the standard shaft seal your working area needs to be clean and well-prepared. If something goes wrong with the installation, a shaft seal cannot be re-used.


Coldores, on the other hand, has all elements - rotary part, stationary part and gaskets - built into one cartridge that is exchangeable. Therefore, installation is easy and the Coldores seal can be re-used. For example, during check-up of the thrust bearing, the Coldores seal can be reinstalled, unlike with a standard shaft seal.



Coldores overcomes the fitting problems of conventional seals. All you need to do is:



1. shaft-assembly
2.  shaft-assembly2a
3.  shaft-assembly3